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Discord Elite League

Discord Elite League

In the fantasy island of DELland, 14 different provinces exist, each building thier own teams to face each other. A league that makes us who we are, Discord Elite League is an online trivia game held on Discord, where 2 of the 14 teams play each other for 90 minutes to prove who is more dominant than the other.

The teams are listed below, first the 8 original teams, and the 6 new ones!

  1. Lucifer FC
  2. Discord Diamonds
  3. Eintracht 1894
  4. Oreburgh Town
  5. The Royal Toads
  6. Inter Petrolero
  7. Real Redbridge
  8. Borussia Discordance
  1. FC Panthera Nix 150
  2. Waterford Wanderers
  3. Athletic Bannerets
  4. Baltic Lions
  5. Viking Guldö
  6. Alpha FC
You can read more about DEL here.

Edit Competition
Edit Competition

Edit Competition, simply known as EC, is a football photo editing competition supervised by the Referees. The competition is accessible via #🔐join-events-here here you can obtain the Edit Competition role and gain access to the channels.
In Edit Competition, users will be given a prompt every 3 weeks and they have 7 days to submit their entries; entries are posted every Tuesday at 3:30 PM GMT. Users vote for their favorite entries from Tuesday up until Friday at 3:30 PM GMT, which is when results come out.
Pssst: If you're looking for this week's entry, click here!

Games Room
Games Room

GamesRoom is a periodic event hosted by the Discord Football Staff.
In GamesRoom, users will play games voted by the community. The game with the most votes will be the game that is chosen to play in that session. Voting starts 30 minutes before the session.
There are currently 5 game choices, with 1 of them (Among Us) being a weekly event. These include:

  • Mafia
  • UNO
  • Skribbl
  • Bombparty
  • Among Us

  • Prediction League
    Prediction League

    The Prediction League, or colloquially known as PL, is an event in the Football Discord run by the Staff Team where people attempt to accurately predict the results of upcoming games. A user can access this event via #🔐join-events-here. Users predict the selected games of various different leagues from different parts of the world.
    Users will use the respective channels depending on which set they would want to predict

    FM Draft

    In the glorious region of Micronesia, teams participate in two randomized conferences to win the Discord Draft. The top 8 of each conference qualifies for the end-of-season championship play-offs, a highly glorious and coveted event on the small island. This island is chosen as our venue mainly because it is not part of the FIFA and thus there will be no fights about who qualifies for continental tournaments.


    Trivia is a weekly event taking place every Sunday at 6PM GMT. Participants get the chance to show off random facts they may have about football, win some DEL value and even a special role.
    The trivia consists of 25 questions; 10 blurred badges, 10 general knowledge questions and 5 guess the player questions that are sent in that order. The first 20 questions are all 1-part questions. The 5 guess the player questions have 3 clues for the participants to use to guess the player. Guessing the correct answer after the first clue will give you 3 points, guessing the correct answer after the second clue will give you 2 points, and guessing the correct answer after the third clue will give you 1 point. "NEXT" will be sent in #trivia-questions after every clue.

    Team of the Week
    Team of the Week

    Team of The Week, alternatively known as TOTW for short, is a server competition where in people from the server pick the best players from a variety of leagues from across Europe and sometimes the rest of the world, each week and receive points based on how well they perform in their matches, similar to that in the manner of Fantasy Premier League or Fantasy Champions League.
    Just like for a game of fantasy football, each participant selects 11 players within a given budget.