Discord Elite League

What is DEL?

The Discord Elite League (DEL) is a unique server trivia event run on our one-of-a-kind bot Howler, that showcases a user's football knowledge and puts their teamwork skills to the test.

Structured similarly to a normal football match, two teams consisting of a starting five play each other in a ninety-minute football trivia battle, testing the players' typing speed, general knowledge and recollection of various players and badges. Players may also be randomly selected to participate in one on one battles with a player from the other team, where high speed and accuracy are key factors in winning. Each question answered correctly, whether as a team or in a one v one, increases the chances of scoring a goal and winning the match.

Much like a football league, a win brings home three points whilst a draw brings one and a loss zero. All fourteen DEL teams will get the chance to play each other twice in a formal competition, but more friendly games and competitions can be organised at the captain's discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions about DEL

Here are some FAQs about DEL. To read them, just click on the question who's answer you're looking for!

You can use either of the following methods to join DEL.

  • You can try messaging a skipper directly. The skippers are the people in the server with the Skipper role. These skippers may then take a test of your knowledge before letting you join the team.
  • You can message in either of #del-chat or #del-question-and-answers. The skippers will then test you, or ask you to join from there!

There is a probability based goal system. The more questions you get correct in a row, the better your probability becomes, while worsening the other teams probability. However, if the other team also gets questions right, they'll also keep par with you, keeping the probability intact. Both teams start the game at 3% probability each, and the total goalscoring probability remains 6% throughout. 1v1s, a big part of DEL games in which one player from each team is summoned to a separate channel for a 10 minigame showdown, is a major contributor to probability, with goals usually coming after a player wins a 1v1 by a decent margin due to the sudden probability influx.

No, there is not. Any two teams that want to play a game can set a game according to the time that suits both teams and their players, therefore making it more convenient for the teams involved. (All times stated by Howler are in GMT) . DEL skippers are open to schedule matches at any available time over a twenty four hour period. Like a typical football match, DEL games will consist of two forty five minute halves, with a five minute rest in between both halves.

Currently, the Howler database is updated to the latest season, i.e. 21/22 for the Blurred, Guess the Player and Badges games, while the Top takes data from the 20/21 season itself, which, when there is enough data and stats for 21/22, will be changed to 21/22 data.

To see what these game types are, here is an explanation:

  • Top - the leader of a particular stat for a team, e.g. Goals for Borussia Dortmund - Erling Haaland.
    See example
  • Blurred - A blurred pic of a player with team given, and you have to guess the player.
    See example
  • Guess the Player - Age, nationality, market value and four historic teammates of a player (from any of his teams) is given and you have to guess the player.
    See example
  • Badges - Badge of any league around the world is given.
    See example

Teams in DEL

1 / 14

Lucifer FC
2 / 14

Discord Diamonds FC
3 / 14

Oreburgh Town
4 / 14

Eintracht 1894
5 / 14

The Royal Toad
6 / 14

Inter Petrolero
7 / 14

Real Redbridge
8 / 14

Borussia Discordance
9 / 14

FC Panthera Nix 150
10 / 14

Viking Guldö
11 / 14

Waterford Wanderers
12 / 14

Athletic Bannerets
13 / 14

FC Baltic Lions
14 / 14

Alpha FC